Supervision of Children During Lessons

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 SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre holds the safety of our members and patrons as our top priority. Ensuring constant supervision of children is of upmost importance.

Families can help us to ensure this by following the below policy for parents / carers:

  • Parents / Carers are expected to be present for the handover of their child at the beginning of swimming class. Then at the end of each swimming class parents / carers are to collect students from their teacher.
  • Students under 10 years are required to have a parent available on deck to supervise children throughout their lesson.

To ensure the safety of all our students at the beginning and end of every lesson please remember:

  • Children MUST be received and acknowledge by the teacher directly from the parent before entering the water.
  • Collect your child / children in the same location as class commenced. Unless specified by the teacher or TIC on deck
  • No children will be permitted to leave the class or the teacher until the parent /carer or TIC collects them.
  • When a child / children are collected by the TIC on deck the student will be walked to the Swim School Desk. The TIC and Duty Manager will attempt to contact reasonable persons and emergency contacts on the student’s membership.

We would like to thank you for your continued support in the safety and supervision of children.

Happy swimming!

Swimming Lesson Team