Deep Fish Swimming Lessons

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Our Deep fish Swimming Lessons help develop deep water confidence for ages 2 years and up. 

These 30 minute  are run in deep water with no floatation device, focussing on safety skills as well as stroke development and technique.

Class Sizes:

  • Deep Minnow – Deep Salmon = 2:1
  • Deep Tuna – Deep Dolphin / Shark = 3:1

We are giving children and families the knowledge of deep water safety that is required for social activities in and around deep water environments.

This program discourages the use of floatation devices such as backpacks and arm floats and instead encourages children to develop skills which allows them to understand their individual abilities in the water.

The small class size ensures:

  • Efficient class movement
  • More swimming time
  • The instructor catering to individual skills and learning


"My son is in the Flying Fish group and I must say it is outstanding. The 1 on 2 focus is amazing and he has come along way because of the attention he can get. He also likes the challenge he can get from the instructor who can adjust the class to his needs; Perfect for both children."

"My daughter just loves the Deep Fish Flying Fish. It's a really special time of the week for her. She absolutely loves the instructor who really manages to get a lot out of my daughter. She really listens to the instructor and has come such a long way. The most important thing is that she really enjoys it. She's really engaged in the class and the deep water doesn't deter my daughter at all."