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  • When winter is over, our children will be back on the beach and in the pool with all the energy they can muster. By continuing their swimming lessons throughout winter, they will be much better equipped to cope with potentially life-threatening situations that may arise when swimming.
  • Children who have had an extended break from their lessons over winter can often become fearful of water, which can be distressing for both child and parent when their lessons resume in summer. We find that children who are confident and happy swimmers stay in their lessons all year round.

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  • Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you become. This is especially true for younger children – repetition helps them to learn and remember. It only takes two or three missed lessons before we start to see a noticeable regression. By continuing your swimming lessons over winter, you're ensuring that your children's skills are maintained, and that the money you've invested in the warmer months isn't wasted!
  • Children are more likely to progress further to the next level if they continue to practice and build their skills by swimming in winter.

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  • There is a misconception that children who attend swimming lessons during winter are more prone to cold and flu. In fact, regular exercise, including swimming lessons, helps to increase your children's fitness and immunity.
  • Our pool is constantly heated to 32 degrees, making the water comfortable and inviting. The Chlorine, Perlite and UV Neptune Benson filtration system is proven to remove more bacteria than chlorine pools, making our water healthier for your children.

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  • Swimming Lessons are perfect for improving stamina in other sports such as Nippers & Surf Life Saving. Regular swimming increases lung capacity and cardiovascular health and helps to improve endurance and stamina in other sports.
  • Nipper ready? If you are in a Surf Life Saving Club, or contemplating it, swimming is a key ingredient. Swimming over winter will only ensure that transition to the sea in summer is done with great fitness, competence and enjoyment.

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  • Even though the water at SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre is always set at 32 degrees, it's important to ensure that your children are warm and dry when they finish their lesson. We suggest using a beanie, a warm jacket, dressing in PJ's and bringing your child's dressing gown and slippers. Make sure they are completely dry before you leave, and warmly dressed. Please don't let them leave the centre in wet bathers, wet towels or with wet hair.
  • Remember at the SA Aquatic and Leisure your Swimming Lesson enrolment is actually a membership where you can visit anytime outside of lesson time to practise, have fun and enjoy the warm water, Wibit and Slides.

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  • It can be hard to re-establish the swimming lesson routine if your child has had a significant break from lessons. In addition, children are more likely to continue swimming as a form of exercise into adulthood if a routine is established early.