BodyATTACK 100


BodyATTACK 100 is the 100th release of the BodyATTACK program!

We will be celebrating by having a 4 - day Launch Party.

Thursday 22nd March (Sneak Peak)

  • 6:30pm BodyATTACK

Friday 23rd March 

  • 5:00pm CXWORX

Saturday 24th March (SAALC Giveaways)

  • 7:30am BodySTEP
  • 8:30am BodyPUMP
  • 9:30am BodyATTACK
  • 9:45am RPM
  • 10:30am SH'BAM
  • 11:30am BodyBALANCE

Sunday 25th March

  • 8:30am BodyPUMP
  • 9:30AM BodyCOMBAT
  • 11:30am BodyBALANCE