A pathway to happy and confident young swimmers

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The Optus Junior Dolphins program, is a fantastic pathway initiative for swimmers aged five and over to continue their swimming journey after they’ve established basic skills.

Developed by Swimming Australia after the 2016 Rio Olympics, the program was the first of its caliber in Australia to launch. Optus Junior Dolphins pride itself on being a fun, social, play-based learning program for swimmers and operates in a non-competitive environment.

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Swimmers with basic stroke skills were invited to attend the clinics which are run by skilled instructors and hosted by various pools across our nation.

Here at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre we had over 20 swimmers partake in the six day program. The first five days saw swimmers working on their stroke, starts, tumble turns and more. Today a carnival was held for the juniors where they could participate in timed events and relays, as well as have some fun with pool toys and a crowd favouirte - the noodle race.
After another successful year hosting the program we’ll be running it again next year with enrollments set to open for kids aged between five and 12 this October.

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The next clinic on our calendar here at the Centre is the Race Ready Clinic, which is held in February and March and focuses on starts, turns and improving skills for upcoming carnivals. Further clinics will be held in April, July and October so look out for more information and enrollment details in the coming month.