Winter workouts

Winter is here, but don’t hibernate - invigorate!

Inactivity during the winter months is common.

The cooler weather and shorter daylight hours can make the TV and arm-chair an attractive option.

Don’t use the weather as an excuse to give up your active lifestyle. There are many exercise options available, so don’t hibernate – invigorate!

Use your head

Think of exercise as an opportunity, not an inconvenience and be active every day in as many ways as you can.

Do it by fives

Divide your workout into 5-minute segments, each with a different focus. By changing every five minutes, you get variety of exercise and the workout will fly by.

Don’t get left out in the dark

Make the most of the daylight hours and stretch your legs during lunchtime. Go for a walk, run or organise a lunchtime team sport with workmates.

Phone a friend

Don’t go it alone. An exercise partner will help you to stay motivated when it’s cold outside, so phone a friend and get active together.

Try something new

Winter is a great time to experiment with your workout. Use a new piece of gym equipment or attend new health & fitness class.

Use your jaw muscles

Talk to our staff to keep your exercise program fun and challenging during winter.

Be game

Mix up your exercise program by adding a game of sport. Almost every sport can be played indoors, so get a team together.

Join a health club

The YMCA has a wide variety of indoor exercise programs to choose from every week.

Step it up

Don’t just workout at the gym. Everyday opportunities like climbing stairs provide a natural indoor workout, so avoid awkward elevator silences and step it up whenever possible.

Set goals

Set some realistic winter goals and reward yourself as you achieve them. Set a target for the end of winter and beat the pre-summer fitness rush!

Get wet

Our pool is heated - try aqua exercise, or even just walking or running laps in the water.

Walk your best friend

Walking the dog is beneficial to both of you, and a great form of incidental exercise. So give the heater a break and get warm the active way.