Holiday fitness

A holiday or business trip can often interrupt your fitness program and eating habits. However with some preparation and planning, you can return from your break feeling as fit and healthy, or at the very least, maintain your fitness levels.

There are a number of equipment pieces that are now easily transportable.

Skipping Ropes

Skipping is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise and can be completed anywhere. If you haven’t done much skipping it’s important to try and be as light on your feet as possible, aiming for a constant rhythm. Try to build up your intensity and volume progressively. Mix it up by having music playing, moving forwards, backwards, side to side, using one leg, double jumps, cross over’s and even high knees. It’s important to have a flat even surface to skip on.

Resistance Bands

Traditionally bands were used only for rehabilitation purposes, however it is now recognised that they can form an integral part of strength training. Resistant levels change dependent on the color of the band. There are a large number of exercises that can be completed with the band. Word of warning, if you have any musculo-skeletal issues you may want to clear the type of exercise with your physiotherapist.

Medicine Balls

Can be easily thrown into the back of the car, perhaps not in your luggage if you are flying somewhere. Medicine ball exercise is great for partner work, so you can convince your partner or friends to work out with you. Balls come in varying weights so ensure that you choose a weight that is appropriate for your Strength level.

Or just explore the city

There are no limits to the exercise you can do while exploring a new town or city. Ask hotel reception for a map and get your daily fix of 30 minutes plus exercise by exploring your place of destination by foot.