The Desk Pantry

  • Date: 27 April 2017
  • Category: HW Blog
fruit and muesli

During business hours, your healthy food choices can be challenged. Some weeks are easier than others. After all, we all go through periods where we feel motivated to eat well, prepare meals in advance and have time to set (and achieve) those lifestyle-related goals. But, then life happens and we can find our workload, extra study, time with family and friends, and other commitments, demand more of our time and energy. When this happens, healthy eating may fall lower in the list of priorities, as we seek convenience in a time-poor schedule.

However it is during these busier times, when stress is often higher and sleep is often shorter, so you need to fuel your body really well in order to maximise your energy levels and support the immune system. This is where the desk (or locker) pantry comes in – a supply of non-perishable, healthy and convenient meal and snack options that you can keep on standby for consumption during those busy weeks, like when meetings run late, break times evaporate or you run out of time to have organised a healthy lunch.

Here are some healthy suggestions to stock in your desk pantry:

  • Canned fish (tuna, salmon, sardines)

  • Whole grain crackers 

  • Soup (foil-sealed or canned) 

  • Tinned beans

  • Unsalted nuts and seeds

  • Microwave rice

  • Herbal tea

  • Fresh or dried fruit

You might also like to try the healthy snacking suggestions from the Summer 2017 edition or other ideas such as chicknuts (roasted chickpeas), almond or soy drink or ‘quick oats’ sachets.

By creating your own desk pantry that’s stocked with these types of healthy snacks, you’ll avoid the lure of the vending machine or local cake shop, so as to keep your healthy eating regime on track.

Christina is a Sydney-based dietitian and nutritionist working in workplace health and wellbeing. Her approach to healthy living and good nutrition is simple – wholesome food, basic cooking skills and a little forward planning. To learn more visit or