Barbell and Kettle Bell Complexes

  • Date: 28 June 2018
  • Category: HW Blog

What are kettle bell and barbell complexes?

Complexes are a series of circuits, usually with three or more exercises in each circuit. All of the exercises are done with a weighted barbell or kettle bell. Instead of doing a single set of each exercise as you would in a normal routine, you do one set of each exercise, without stopping, resting, or putting down the barbell. At the end of the circuit, you rest for thirty seconds to two minutes and then start all over again. Most barbell and kettle complexes are finished in ten to twenty minutes, but they will be some of the hardest work you have done.

Barbell complexes are one of the best techniques you can do to burn fat, increase endurance and stimulate muscle growth.

These workouts are very flexible and you can do them with any exercise you choose, as long as the barbell or kettle bells keep moving from one exercise to the next without pause. Complexes are done with one load throughout. You can’t change plates or kettle bells out between exercises, so you’re working with the same weight for several different exercises. This means you need to use the maximum weight you can manage for the smallest muscle group.

What to do next?

These workouts are not easy and are not an everyday workout, but can be done twice a week in between your normal routine or during a fat loss phase. Because there are so many right ways (and wrong ways) to perform a barbell and kettle bell complex, you really need to have some supervision and guidance while you’re learning. Without it, you’re probably not going to know how to maximise your results and you could very well overdo it.

You will need a personal trainer who understands barbell and kettle bell complexes.

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